Scion wants to “Grow Up”

UPDATE: Just checked Scion’s home page and it gives more details of their story.

Advertising Age just posted a story of Scion’s new marketing campaign which is quite different from the previous ads and campaigns.

Rather than making it about the car, Scion is focusing on the brand and telling their story. I like this new campaign and think its a good move for Scion since they want to broaden their target audience. As the article mentions, Scion’s previous work was geared to a younger crowd, especially first-time buyers, including creating its own record label and releasing music free of charge to consumers, as well as guerilla-marketing efforts and even ads on foreheads.

Scion | What Moves You - Anthem (New Commercial)

The challenge here will be to broaden their audience while still retaining their youth enthusiasts. Out of all of the automotive brands, Scion has one of the most passionate owners and enthusiasts that love showcasing their tricked-out models.  As newly appointed Scion VP Doug Murtha said in the article,  “We wanted to talk to our customers and consumers and we learned a number of things about our brand. And No. 1 on the list, from an awareness standpoint, was that nine years in we’re still a mystery to some of these buyers,” Scion VP Doug Murtha said. “Even though we’re talking to people we thought were in our age wheelhouse, in their minds we’re often their younger brother or sister’s car. We probably marketed too young to them.”

What do you guys think? Is this a right move for Scion? 

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